[Distutils] Distutils now in Python CVS tree

Greg Ward gward@cnri.reston.va.us
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 14:05:26 -0500

Hi all --

Distutils is now available through the Python CVS tree *in addition to
its own CVS tree*.  That is, if you keep on top of developments in the
Python CVS tree, then you will be tracking the latest Distutils code in
Lib/distutils.  Or, you can keep following the Distutils through its own
CVS tree.  (This is all done through one itty-bitty little symlink in
the CNRI CVS repository, and It Just Works.  Cool.)

Note that only the 'distutils' subdirectory of the distutils
distribution is tracked by Python: that is, changes to the
documentation, test suites, and example setup scripts are *not*
reflected in the Python CVS tree.

If you follow neither Python nor Distutils CVS updates, this doesn't
affect you.

If you've been following Distutils CVS updates, you can continue to do so
as you've always done (and as is documented on the Distutils "Anonymous
CVS" web page).

If you've been following Python CVS updates, then you are now following
most Distutils CVS updates too -- as long as you do "cvs update -d", of
course.  If you're interested in following updates in the Distutils
documentation, tests, examples, etc. then you should follow the
Distutils CVS tree directly.

If you've been following *both* Python and Distutils CVS updates, and
hacking on the Distutils, then you should pick one or the other as your
working directory.  If you submit patches, it doesn't really matter if
they're relative to the top of the Python tree, the top of the Distutils
tree, or what -- I'll probably figure it out.  However, it's probably
best to continue sending Distutils patches to distutils-sig@python.org,
*or* direct to me (gward@python.net) for trivial patches.  Unless Guido
says otherwise, I don't see a compelling reason to send Distutils
patches to patches@python.org.

In related news, the distutils-checkins list is probably going to go
away, and all Distutils checkin messages will go python-checkins
instead.  Let me know if you avidly follow distutils-checkins, but do
*not* want to follow python-checkins -- if lots of people respond
(doubtful, as distutils-checkins only had 3 subscribers last I
checked!), we'll reconsider.