[Distutils] Patch for NT

Thomas Heller thomas.heller@ion-tof.com
Thu, 30 Mar 2000 15:19:58 +0200

> > 3. Debug and Release versions of python extensions under
> > windows are now
> > compiled in different directories (as it should be!).
> How about using the same convention Python itself does?
> * Debug and release outputs go into the same directory (as they have different names - _d for debug).  This allows people to add
the build directory to their sys.path, and have it work for both debug and release.
> * Build\Temp\Release and Build\Temp\Debug are where the intermediate files go.  This makes it easy to manually clean your file
system - one directory and all temp files are gone.
> Mark.

It seems my description was unclear:
Intermediate files go into build\temp.win32\Release\... or build\temp.win32\Debug\...
These are: .obj, .lib, .exp files.

Debug and Release outputs go into the same directory, debug versions have _d appended.

Cleaning files: distutils now has a clean command (which will delete build\temp.win32 directory): Manual cleaning not needed.