[Distutils] Manifest.in not included in sdist...

Bastian Kleineidam calvin@cs.uni-sb.de
Wed Nov 1 03:46:09 2000

Hi all,

>I don't think sdist will automatically add any files to the manifest for you, 
>so you have to explicitly add an include line for it.  For example, PyXML's MANIFEST.in starts with:
Quoting from sdist.py standard files added are
- setup.py
- test/test*.py
- all pure Python modules mentioned in setup script
- all C sources listed as part of extensions or C libraries
  in the setup script (doesn't catch C headers!)

>>Another thought - a "reallyclean" command would be nice (deletes all
>>intermediate and generated files - essentially all of the "build" and "dist"
>>directories, at least...
python setup.py clean --all
deletes the 'build' directory and all temporary 'dist' files. It does not
clean generated Distributions packages in 'dist'.