[Distutils] Bug Report: The return -- bdist includes local python executables path in archives

Mike Fletcher mfletch@tpresence.com
Fri Nov 3 13:15:05 2000

e.g. [for the PyOpenGL project] python 1.5.2 install directory is
When I run setup bdist (with info zip), I get an archive where the paths are
specified as:
bin\lang\python\OpenGL\*  As the bin/lang/python directories were copied
into the bdist.win32/dumb directory during collection of the files.

Of course, on anyone else's machine, that's just a royal pain, so I'd prefer
not to have it occur (I'm just creating the archive manually again today).

Distutils 0.9.2

Oh, another thing, you might want the default names for binary archives to
include the Python version?  Py2, Py152, or something so that people don't
get the wrong distributions for their Python versions.