[Distutils] Distutils 1.0.1 releasee

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Tue Nov 7 21:35:01 2000

On 16 October 2000, Bastian Kleineidam said:
> I have a feature request. At the moment I am storing configuration values
> in a Python module file <packagename>Conf.py.
> This file can include values from the config command (libs, includes), 
> from the install command (install dirs), metadata and customized values
> varying from package to package.

Ummm, I'm confused.  Is this "info needed to build/install the package", 
or "info needed to run the software"?  Those are two very different
kinds of configuration info.  The Distutils could probably do something
in both areas, but I don't think the two should be confused.  Eg. about
all we can do for run-time configuration is promote a standard place for 
Python applications to install and find such config data, whereas we can 
specify everything about build-time config data.  So which are you
talking about here?

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