[Distutils] Network Admin Full Python 2.0 Setup

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Tue Nov 7 22:20:03 2000

On 25 October 2000, Mark Evans said:
> As a network admin with dozens of machines to configure, how do
> you recommend I proceed.  The machines will need the following basic
> configuration:
> - Python 2.0 Final (BeOpen version)
> - win32all-135
> - wxPython 2.2
> - NumPy 17.0
> The distutils, unfortunately, will only work for NumPy.  My
> question is about the basic Python system and the other add-ons.

At one point, Thomas Heller was working on a setup script for win32all
-- dunno what became of that.

Also, I thought Robin had a setup script for wxPython.  Haven't tried it 
or looked at it myself, though.

In other words, "stay tuned to this channel and see what pops up".  ;-)

Of course, if it were me, I'd just setup an NFS server and mount
/usr/local from it on all the machines... ;-)

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