[Distutils] Cygwin Python DLL and Shared Extension Patch

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Fri Nov 10 10:40:01 2000

Jason Tishler wrote:
> Attached is a patch that builds Cygwin Python with its core as a DLL --
> similar to the way that one builds Win32 Python.  Once Cygwin Python
> is built as a "shared library" (i.e., DLL), one can build extensions
> using the same procedure as on other UNIX platforms that support shared
> libraries.  It's as easy as copying Misc/Makefile.pre.in, creating a
> Setup.in file, make -f Makefile.pre.in boot, make.

I think our goal for distutils should be to provide a cygwin
build target -- not encourage people to continue to use the
old Makefile.pre.in method.

Apart from that, I like the idea of being able to build Python
using cygwin tools on Windows. This opens new possibilities
for people who don't have access to a compiler on Windows.

BTW, do the extensions build using cygwin also work with the
stock Python 2.0 installation ? AFAIR there have been a few
problems with this in the past.

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