[Distutils] ccompiler.py for an IDE

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Wed Nov 15 04:47:01 2000

> > I'm not sure I understand this. Errors from the compiler will always come up 
> > in a window, there's no such thing as standard error on the Mac.
> We're having a dimensiinal misunderstanding here: I meant the
> wrong place in the time dimension. I wouldn't presume to think
> the Mac has something as ordinary as stderr <wink>.

No, of course not! Who needs stderr when you can have translucent pulsating 
buttons, really? :-)

But seriously: my intention was to have link() do buth the generation of the 
project file and the actual build, so the errors would come up at that time 
(which seems to be the same time as they would come up on other platforms, 
no?). After the build distutils will take over again to do the install or 
whatever else it wants to do.

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