[Distutils] Thanks for the help!

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Sun Nov 19 18:02:01 2000

thanks for the help on distutils-based packages to try. Numeric and
PyXML now install flawlessly on the Mac, I'll be mailing the diffs to
Greg tomorrow.

If someone else wants to play with distutils on the Mac please let me
know: I've also had to fix a few bugs in the mkcwproject module, so
unless you're using MacPython from the CVS server you'll need to get a 
newer copy from me.

Oh yes: PyOpenGL and Linkchecker, which were also suggested as test
cases, were too much work initially. PyOpenGL has "if sys.platform ==
win32" all over the place and expects that anything that isn't win32
is unix and it expects that a tcl/tk source distribution is available,
Linkchecker uses absolute unix pathnames and uses various tricks from
the distutils config stuff, which aren't implemented yet (and which
may actually be rather difficult to implement).
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