[Distutils] Does the SWIG support work?

Mike Olson Mike.Olson@fourthought.com
Sun Oct 1 16:06:02 2000

Greg Ward wrote:
> Hi all --
> some months ago, I added completely experimental and untested support
> for compiling SWIG extensions to the Distutils.  I even documented it!
> But I have been unable to verify for myself that it works, since I have
> been unable to build SWIG on my home PC.  I haven't heard any reports of
> success, and the first reports of failure were from 4Thought last week.
> So: can anyone vouch for whether the Distutils SWIG support works at
> all, does the "right thing", etc?  What's broken about it, what works?
> Should it even be documented?

I can't vouch for everyone, but I usually run SWIG with the -shadow
option.  This generates .c and .py files.  In this case the swig support
is broken.  I currently have swig1.1 installed.  Until the problem of
multiple output files is solved from extension modules I think it should
stay hidden.  Its a pretty simple fix to get multiple output files from
an extension.  I wrote it once then canned it.  Basically you need
should ask the Extension class for a list of outputs instead of just
using its name.  The extension class can then check to see if any of the
source files end in .i


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