[Distutils] setup.py for a wrapper extension?

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Sun Oct 1 20:00:01 2000

On 01 October 2000, Mike Olson said:
> Just thought of something else that is probably cleaner.  Add som
> command line options and have the user specify where the library and
> header files are....

And easier still is to use the Setup file hack: just have the user edit
this file to specify where the headers are.  Sure, making users edit
files sucks, but this sucks no less than the old Makefile.pre.in way.
Until we have real auto-configuration in the Distutils, it'll have to
do.  (And I suspect it'll remain a fallback for people who install
important libraries to /opt/weird/path/ instead of the de facto standard 
/usr/local.  Never mind Windows and Mac OS, which should make
auto-conf'ing *real* fun...)