[Distutils] Distutilizing wxPython

Thomas Heller thomas.heller@ion-tof.com
Mon Oct 9 13:06:26 2000

> I'm finally going to the effort to convert to using distutils for wxPython.
> So far, so good, I have the core extension module being built for win32.
> One problem that I ran into is that the resource compiler needs to have
> the -I and -D flags passed to it.  The little patch below did the trick for
> me.
There should probably be separate flags for the C-compiler
and the resource compiler.
> One problem/question I have at this point is that the secondary extension
> modules need to link with the implib produced when linking the core
> extension module.  Is there a way to determine before setup() is called
> where that library will be put so I can add that directory to the
> library_dirs for the other Extensions?  (For example,
> "build/temp.win32-1.5/Release/src/")
Yes, I also had this problem with a setup script for Mark's win32all
IMHO, the import libraries should go into "build/temp.win32-1.5".
There is no use in different directories for Release and Debug builds,
because the file names are already different.

Retrieving the name of this directory (from the build_ext command)
is more difficult. The previous 'solutions' are known to the
distutils crowd as the "build_ext hack for MSVC".
(Although it is not a MSVC problem, it is a windows problem.
AFAIK there are no import libraries on unix)