[Distutils] New snapshot

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Sat Oct 14 00:18:05 2000

Hi all --

I'm uploading a new Distutils code snapshot; the only real important
change is Thomas' fix for the problems with zipfile.py-generated ZIP
files with the Windows installer.  Also checked in the recent patches to
config.py and install.py (thanks to Bastian and Lyle!).

Here's the provisional changelog for Distutils 1.0.1 -- if there are no
problems with this snapshot, it will become Distutils 1.0.1 sometime
this weekend.

Relase 1.0.1 (?? October, 2000):
  * fixed Windows installer to deal with ZIP files created by the
    zipfile module better (Thomas Heller)

  * fixed install command's spurious warnings on Windows (due to
    case-sensitive filename comparison)

  * two tweaks to the (experimental, unfinished) config command:
    make 'check_lib()' more like AC_CHECK_LIB, and make sure
    any command-line options are the right type

The code snapshot is at the usual place...


Greg Ward                                      gward@python.net