[Distutils] Can distutils handle PYTHONPATH?

Mike Coleman mcoleman2@kc.rr.com
Fri Oct 20 23:30:01 2000


I've been looking at distutils to package my python project (see
subterfugue.org, if curious), and I think I've stumbled across a problem.

Two parts of my project are the main python code, which resides in the "root"
(no) package, and one or more directories of "tricks" (like plugins), which
are python modules, also in the "root" package, which the main code imports.

The tricks get imported by virtue of trick directories being on PYTHONPATH.
End users can also write their own tricks, and add them by putting their
directory on PYTHONPATH.  I don't want to put the tricks in a package, because
that would complicate the steps for end users wanting to add their own

It appears, though, that distutils wants all python code for the "root"
package to live in a single directory.  As far as I can tell, the only way I
could use distutils is to break the tricks into one or more separate pieces,
which I'm pretty reluctant to do.

Any suggestions?

(please Cc me on this thread)

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