[Distutils] Some suggested additions for distutils

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore@uk.origin-it.com
Tue Oct 24 09:29:09 2000

I've just started looking at distutils. There are two things which I feel
would be nice to add to the existing functionality.

1. A --dry-run option to the install action. This could list what was going
to be done, but not actually do it. This would be useful for testing
installations, or for systems admins who want to be sure what an installer
is going to do before starting.

2. An uninstall action. This can be simulated by doing a python setup.py
install --record installation.log and then using the list of files in
install.log as a list of files to delete. However, a proper uninstall action
would be nice. (And I don't know if there are more complex installs where
the above workaround would be inadequate...)

Paul Moore