[Distutils] Some suggested additions for distutils

Bastian Kleineidam calvin@cs.uni-sb.de
Tue Oct 24 09:36:02 2000

Hello all,

>2. An uninstall action. This can be simulated by doing a python setup.py
>install --record installation.log and then using the list of files in
>install.log as a list of files to delete. However, a proper uninstall action
>would be nice. (And I don't know if there are more complex installs where
>the above workaround would be inadequate...)

Hmm, I would vote for a .log file as a Python Module which not only holds
installation parameters (files, dirs,...) but also metadata.
Suppose you are installing a package named "helicopter". The install
command would create a module "helicopterConf.py" and copies it into the
install_lib dir.
Then you can write Python code, import this module and have access to all
used install_* directories, installed files, author, version, etc.