[Distutils] Re: distutils?

Joseph VanAndel vanandel@acm.org
Wed Oct 25 23:13:01 2000


(I'm copying Greg Ward and the distutils-sig to see if we can't build
cooperate here.)

Gordon Williams wrote:

> This is really a tutorial plus a few other things rather than a "package".
> It is for creating extensions using the Borland compiler that can be used
> with the Microsoft compiled standard distribution.  Maybe this wasn't clear
> in the [ANN]?
> Download it and have a look.  I'm not familiar with distutils (I just had a
> quick read) but I don't think that it is appropriate.  If you think that
> distutils should be used please get back to me.

You've written some nice instructions on how to obtain and install the
Borland free compiler.  You provide instructions on how to customize
batch files to compile and link extensions on Windows.

Actually, 'distutils' is precisely designed to build extensions.  Rather
than .bat scripts, you describe how to build your extension in a
'setup.py' file.  The advantage of using distutils is that it can
compile your code on multiple platforms, with a minimum amount of
machine dependencies in the script.  And of course, distutils ships
standard with Python 2.0.

distutils now works with the Microsoft Visual C compiler.  There was
some work done on using the free Borland compiler, but I don't know if
it was finished.

Greg (and the distutils gang) - is the free Borland compiler support for
Windows working at present?