[Distutils] Re: distutils?

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake@acm.org
Thu Oct 26 00:04:01 2000

Gordon Williams wrote:
 > This is really a tutorial plus a few other things rather than a "package".
 > It is for creating extensions using the Borland compiler that can be used
 > with the Microsoft compiled standard distribution.  Maybe this wasn't clear
 > in the [ANN]?

Joseph VanAndel writes:
 > You've written some nice instructions on how to obtain and install the
 > Borland free compiler.  You provide instructions on how to customize
 > batch files to compile and link extensions on Windows.

  Would this information also be useful in the Extending & Embedding
manual?  I've not read the instructions yet (there didn't seem to be a
copy I could look at without downloading a ZIP file), but I know the
"compiling on Windows" section is in need of some serious revamping.


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