[Distutils] adding docs/samples to bdist ??

Pete Shinners pete@visionart.com
Mon Oct 30 16:28:02 2000

i have a set of python extension modules that are building
and installing with distutils. it is finally working very
well, and i'm very happy with the results.

i'd like to start using distutils to create my source and
binary distributions. everything is working for the most part
(i have a feeling i'll be looking into the code for further
refinements :]). anyways, when i create my binary distribution
it is not packaging any of the examples or help files. i 
guess the problem is; where should these files go???

it seems like this type of stuff hasn't been nailed down yet?

what i was thinking would be ideal, is for my binary 
distributions to come exactly like the source distributions,
but with the compiled files in the "build" directory included.

this is mainly for windows i suppose? but then users without
compilers could still do the "setup.py install", and there
would be no need for compilation, since the binaries would
already be in the build directories.

is that a clean method for the binary releases? to me it sounds
like the best plan, i suppose i could just zip up my source
directory and include the "build" for my binary distributions,
but i was checking if distutils already supported something 

just trying to figure this all out, thanks