[Distutils] About version discussion

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Sat Sep 2 22:41:01 2000

On 02 September 2000, Harry Henry Gebel said:
> My concern was for some future time when everybody who makes python
> packages uses Distutils, but most of them will probably not have been
> members of the Distutils SIG long enough to know when different features
> were implemented. I also have doubts it would be useful (or used) enough to
> justify putting it in; but I figured it wouldn't hurt to get people's
> opinions.

But you have the same problem for any piece of software, and I'm not
familiar with any other tool exposing feature lists like this instead of 
version numbers.  Your point is valid -- it's hard to know which
features were added when, and which bugs were fixed when -- but I
suspect compiling and maintaining a list of what's present in each
version of a given tool would be a thankless and herculean task.

(But I bet if you suggest it for Perl, it'll get implemented someday...)

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