[Distutils] bdist_debian

Moshe Zadka Moshe Zadka <moshez@math.huji.ac.il>
Tue Sep 5 09:23:03 2000

On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Greg Ward wrote:

> tools for building Debian packages.
> Now, here's the interesting question: is it possible to install RPM on a
> Debian system, or the Debian tools on an RPM system, solely for use in
> producing the "other" type of package?  Seems like it ought to be
> possible at least for RPM-under-Debian, since AFAIK creating RPMs
> doesn't affect or use the RPM database in /var/lib/rpm.  Can anyone
> speak for creating Debian packages on an RPM system?

I'm sure about RPM-on-Debian. In fact, via a package called alien, it
is also possible to convert .rpm's to .deb's.
(That of course necessitates rpm since "nothing but rpm can parse RPM".

Moshe Zadka <moshez@math.huji.ac.il>
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