[Distutils] win32 default installation

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Sat Sep 9 12:39:02 2000

On 09 September 2000, Robin Becker said:
> Is there any reason why the default directory for .pyds seems to be the
> base python install dir rather than the DLLs directory underneath it? 

Because of this code in install.py:

      'nt': {
          'purelib': '$base',
          'platlib': '$base',
          'headers': '$base\\Include\\$dist_name',
          'scripts': '$base\\Scripts',
          'data'   : '$base',

Which is based on what I understood about Python-on-Windows after
grilling Guido mercilessly for several hours one day last summer.  That
is, third-party libraries -- modules and extensions both -- go straight
to the <prefix> dir.  (It's spelled "base" here because the base library
dir == prefix only on Windows and Mac OS; on Unix, "base" is

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