[Distutils] First steps with distutils...

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Sat Sep 9 20:59:02 2000

On 09 September 2000, M.-A. Lemburg said:
> Why all the fuzz ? ;-)

'cause I spent waaaay too much time Friday night and Saturday morning
worrying about this extremely trivial issue, and I wanted the rest of
the SIG to share my pain.  So there!

> Keep the status quo and add an option for those who want to
> play with different Python versions, e.g. 
> --set-executable=/home/lemburg/tmp/betas/python2.0

Done.  Here's the help text from "bdist_rpm --help":

  --python             path to Python interpreter to hard-code in the .spec
                       file (default: "python")
  --fix-python         hard-code the exact path to the current Python
                       interpreter in the .spec file

Seem reasonable?  There's no opposite to --fix-python, because you can
go back to the default with "--python=python".

Should be checked in by the time you read this...

Greg Ward                                      gward@python.net