[Distutils] win32 default installation

Robin Becker robin@jessikat.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Sep 9 21:00:02 2000

In article <20000909123742.B12374@beelzebub>, Greg Ward
<gward@python.net> writes
>Which is based on what I understood about Python-on-Windows after
>grilling Guido mercilessly for several hours one day last summer.  That
>is, third-party libraries -- modules and extensions both -- go straight
>to the <prefix> dir.  (It's spelled "base" here because the base library
>dir == prefix only on Windows and Mac OS; on Unix, "base" is
In this case I fear the BDFL is inaccurate. zlib.pyd et al don't go into
$base they go into $base/DLLs so if the BDFL were to start distributing
newer versions of  zlib etc these would end up in the wrong location. I
thing the powers that be have got it wrong for this instance. These
singleton .pyd packages seem better off in DLLs to me anyway.

Anyhow if I were to desire the .pyd to end up in $base/DLLs how do I
make it do that under win32; must I mess with the defaults in my
Robin Becker