[Distutils] New code snapshot

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Tue Sep 12 20:57:42 2000

Hi all --

I've just put together a new code snapshot.  From CHANGES.txt:

  * added --plat-name option to bdist and bdist_dumb commands

  * added --python and --fix-python options to bdist_rpm, for better
    control over which Python interpreter is hard-coded in the .spec file

  * fixed default installation directories for Mac OS; now all
    modules and extensions go to <prefix>:Lib:site-packages

  * fixed the "clean" command so it cleans up the build directory
    for scripts (build/scripts by default) (Bastian Kleineidam)

  * more improvements to the bdist_wininst command and the
    installers it generates: ....... (Thomas Heller)

  * fix the "sdist" command so it deals better with missing, empty,
    or broken MANIFEST and MANIFEST.in files

Hmm, this list is getting long: time for 0.9.3 already?

Thomas, can you provide a 25-words-or-less blurb to put in place of that 

It's at the usual place:


Greg Ward                                      gward@python.net