[Distutils] Re: Distutils on Mac OS

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Thu Sep 14 22:07:02 2000

On 14 September 2000, Jack Jansen said:
> is there a reason that simply starting setup.py doesn't do an install?
> That may be the easiets way to go...

From README.txt:

"""The Python Distribution Utilities, or Distutils for short, are a
collection of modules that aid in the development, distribution, and
installation of Python modules."""

Installation isn't the only game in town here!  ;-)

[Corran's idea]
> I can see two slightly simpler ways of dealing with this.  The 
> easiest to implement is to have an applet which you can just drop 
> setup.py files on and it handles everything from there (easy to do 
> thanks to the "run_setup" function - I have a 5 line applet which 
> does this now).

[Jack responds warmly]
> I think that of the solutions listed I like this one best. VISE is
> overkill (and moreover will make it difficult for people to create a
> distribution on a whim, because they'll have to get VISE first) and
> the distribute-as-applet has potential backward/forward compatibility
> problems.
> But I think that the solution I really like best is that we just whip up a 
> simple user interface for setup and put that in the distutils package...

Yeah, as I implied in my last post, I prefer this option too.  (Easy for
me to say, from my impregnable bastion of ignorance about Mac OS.)

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