[Distutils] Brewing controversy over header file installation

Mark W. Alexander mwa@gate.net
Fri Sep 15 10:51:01 2000

On Fri, 15 Sep 2000, Andrew Kuchling wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 15, 2000 at 10:04:53AM -0400, Mark W. Alexander wrote:
> >I disagree as well. To vastly over-simplify, why would a python
> >package be installing headers and libraries for C only? Just
> Counterexample: ExtensionClass from Digital Creations is a Python-only
> C module for writing Python classes in C.  It needs to install an
> ExtensionClass.h, which is then used by other C modules (such as
> ZODB's cPersistence, 

Then maybe I'm lost, but wouldn't the same concept apply?

The only "users" of the C headers/libs would be other C developers;
even if they are doing C development for python. Do python users
who use the Extension class need the headers, or just the shared
libraries that distutils already handles properly?

> I think installing the files under the Python include directory is
> fine, at least on Unix, since it means if C code can find Python.h, it
> can also find ExtensionClass/ExtensionClass.h.  I'm not sure what to
> do for Jack's problem.

Since the python tree already contains stuff to do C modules, I 
don't see anything at all "wrong" with putting additional stuff
there for use by C developers. I'm just questioning whether it's
something that distutils should be responsible for. I think the
answer is a definite maybe. It seems like a lot of effort to
provide something that may not be a good fit.