[Distutils] define_macros ignored?

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Sun Sep 17 20:24:00 2000

On 12 September 2000, Jeremy Hylton said:
> I am working on a setup script for Tkinter, which requires a
> -DWITH_APPINIT flag at compile time.  The docs suggest that I should
> add the following definition to my Extension constructor call:
>     define_macros=[('WITH_APPINIT', None),],
> I did this, but it had no effect.  It looks like there is no where
> that the define_macros attribute of the Extension object is actually
> used.  

For the record: this bug has now been fixed; it's in the latest code
snapshot.  Thanks to Jeremy for pointing it out this time.  (And I think 
to AMK for pointing it out a couple months ago... oops...)