[Distutils] More minor issues

Rene Liebscher R.Liebscher@gmx.de
Mon Sep 18 06:58:01 2000

Thomas Heller wrote:
> [Rene]
> > In the CVS are the source files for the windows installer.
> > So everyone can create his own, I think most people
> > would like to change the bitmap (PythonPowered) and use
> > a more specific bitmap for their package.
> I would happily accept a better (general) bitmap!
What about a kind of contest? Let's collect some drafts, put 
them on a web page and let the people decide which looks
at best. 
Anyone who wants to manage this?
(For people who want create such bitmaps some information.
There are four dialogs, they can use the same bitmap or 
1. "This Wizard will install %s on your computer. ..."
2. "Select python installation to use:"
3. "Click Next to begin the installation. ..."
4. "Click the Finish button to exit the Setup wizard."
Maximum size seems to be  98(width)x155(height) pixels.
At least are these the values in the install.rc file for
the bitmap. )

> > Creating the installer executable is not the problem, but
> > to use it you have to change bdist_wininst.py.
> > (If you only maintain one package this is not a problem
> > but if there are more, you had to change it everytime
> > you want to create an installer for the other package.)
> >
> Recompiling the installer executable only to change the bitmap
> seems overkill to me. You could use win32api calls (if available)
> to replace the bitmap in the executable without need for a compiler,
> better would be to pack the bitmap into the installer archive
> at runtime. This could also be done on Linux.
Replacing the bitmap was bad example. What I wanted to say was
that people sometimes want to use a modified installer and need 
a simple way to get bdist_wininst use this installer instead its

The new installer had to compiled only once. And this could even be 
done with the help of a short python script which uses distutils
compiler classes. (I have already written such a script but it
uses my new compiler interface (executable_filename(),link()) 
so you have to wait until distutils also supports it.)

kind regards

Rene Liebscher