[Distutils] PyOpenGL -- setup files checked into repository, demos added

Mike Fletcher mfletch@tpresence.com
Tue Sep 19 06:04:04 2000

Thanks to Rene and Thomas, the current PyOpenGL (CVS) now builds the
extensions under the latest official distutils for Python 1.5.2 under VC++
*yay*.  [Note: I made a very minor change to the setup script to build the
latest openglutils module (requires glu)]

I don't have time to get the .py stuff working just now (from what I can see
it looks simple, but I'm on a short timeline, and I spent my time this
evening trying to figure out what's going on with the PyOpenGL CVS tree
(it's a mess!)).  I've checked the 1.5.5 demos into the repository.  If any
of the authors would like them _not_ included, let someone know and we'll
pull them out again.  If someone who knows wants to let people know what all
those directories are about it might be advisable... I'm thinking of just
deleting most of them if they're not needed.

Things to do (for PyOpenGL people):
	Add the .py files to the setup scripts (I assume you just specify
the directory, at least, that's what it looks like)
	Build and test the results.
	Check back into the repository.
	Start creating distributables.

I'll be busy until next week, so no chance I'll get to this before then.

Thanks distutils people, this is cool stuff.

Enjoy yourselves,