[Distutils] Appears bdist_rpm completely broken

Mike Olson Mike.Olson@fourthought.com
Fri Sep 22 00:00:15 2000

Uche Ogbuji wrote:
> Greg Ward wrote:

> We'd love to hear any feedback about our distutils efforts.  We hardly
> thought we were doing anything extraordinary, but distutils does seem to
> have several limitations as is that we had to sub-class to get around.
> Maybe we were trying too hard in some cases.

There were a couple of spots were if we could abstract core distutils
code into a function call (that we could override) it would make our
lives that much nicer.  Ex, I needed on little hook into install_lib.run
(after the build and before the copy), but I had to reproduce the entire
function call...

another really useful thing for us on copy_file would be if the function
told you if the file was copied....


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