[Distutils] Synchronizing version information

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Fri Sep 22 04:42:01 2000

Greg Ward wrote:
> On 20 September 2000, Martin von Loewis said:
> > In my package, I have two places which carry version information: in
> > the setup.py, when passing the version= keyword argument to setup, and
> > in the package's __init__, to allow runtime access to the available
> > version.
> I have the same problem -- I always have to update the Distutils
> setup.py and distutils/__init__.py in sync.  Yuck.
> > I'd like these to be synchronized, having the information only in a
> > single place, and fetching it from there in the other. Is there any
> > mechanism in distutils to facilitate such synchronization?
> I just had an idea which requires no funky substitution mechanism, and
> no extra code in the Distutils: in the setup file, do this (or
> equivalent for your scenario):
>     from distutils import core
>     import distutils
>     setup(name = "Distutils",
>           version = distutils.__version__,
>           ...)

Uhm... isn't that the obvious solution ;-)

Note that I've just moved a thread about package versioning from
xml-sig to python-dev. I think we need a PEP on this.

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