[Distutils] setup.py for a wrapper extension?

Pete Shinners pete@visionart.com
Wed Sep 27 14:12:01 2000

i've got a python extension that is simply a wrapping
around another C library. (not an uncommon case :])

i cannot figure out the 'right' way to check for and
link/include this dependency into my distutils
setup.py script.

under linux, it's pretty easy to assume the correct
header and shared library will be somewhere in the
standard include and library directories
/usr/local/include, /usr/local/lib, etc

my main concern is getting it working with windows
(and keeping it crossplatform happy for linux). my best
bet in windows seems to be walk around the parent directory
tree trying to find directories for the dependency??
if that is the best way, it would probably be nice for
the linux version to use this method or look in the
standard compiler directories ???????

i'm hoping someone out there has an example doing just
this sort of stuff i could look at. the documentation doesn't
mention anything about this sort of stuff. (except for
adding library and include info to the Extensions() call

thanks for any help and/or guidance. the distutils have
just amazed me.

(please help, i couldn't get any responses on c.l.python)