[Distutils] My (slightly goofy) coding standard

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Wed Sep 27 22:37:01 2000

[Jeremy responds to my coding convention]
> It is really unfortunate that you have chosen to go this route.  We
> are trying to make all the Python code in the standard library follow
> Guido's coding style.

Two points in my defence:

  * the search-and-replace work I did the other night brings the
    Distutils code *closer* to Guido's style guide, not farther away.  I
    changed a lot of "foo (...)" calls to "foo(...)", because I have
    recently seen the light over that particular use of whitespace.
    (Also, almost all docstrings are now consistent with the Docstring
    Gospel According to Barry.)

  * I didn't know there was an ongoing push to standardize the standard
    library.  When I'm done fixing up the Distutils code, if you
    really want to make it conform, that can be done trivially:
       perl -pi~ -e 's/^( *)(def|class) *\(/$1$2\(/' *.py command/*.py

    (Oops, that doesn't catch my end-of-function "# foo ()" convention.)

    I still like my way better, but an imperfect standard is better than
    no standard at all.

Greg Ward                                      gward@python.net