[Distutils] borland compiler

Thomas Heller thomas.heller@ion-tof.com
Thu Sep 28 14:53:01 2000

> No, bcpp contains an utility to convert OMF to COFF,
> so you should be able to generate a valid library.
As borland compiler user you are required to read the source,
since it isn't mentioned anywhere else:

    def find_library_file (self, dirs, lib, debug=0):
        # List of effective library names to try, in order of preference:
        # xxx_bcpp.lib is better than xxx.lib
        # and xxx_d.lib is better than xxx.lib if debug is set
        # The "_bcpp" suffix is to handle a Python installation for people
        # with multiple compilers (primarily Distutils hackers, I suspect
        # ;-).  The idea is they'd have one static library for each
        # compiler they care about, since (almost?) every Windows compiler
        # seems to have a different format for static libraries.
        if debug:
            dlib = (lib + "_d")
            try_names = (dlib + "_bcpp", lib + "_bcpp", dlib, lib)
            try_names = (lib + "_bcpp", lib)

        for dir in dirs:
            for name in try_names:
                libfile = os.path.join(dir, self.library_filename(name))
                if os.path.exists(libfile):
                    return libfile
            # Oops, didn't find it in *any* of 'dirs'
            return None