[Distutils] Bug report: debug builds on msvc compiler don't specify *_d.lib as link sources

Rene Liebscher R.Liebscher@gmx.de
Fri Sep 29 10:04:13 2000

Thomas Heller wrote:
> > BorlandCCompiler doesn't use gen_lib_options() and handles debug
> > libraries
> > correct. It uses its own find_library_file() which uses python15_d.lib
> > (or python15_d_bcpp.lib) if it exists.
> > MSVCCompiler has also its own find_library_file() method which works the
> > same way. The only problem is that gen_lib_option() calls it without the
> > debug parameter.
> Your patch does not work for MSVC:
> msvccompiler->link() is called with libraries = [..., 'python15']
> This calls gen_lib_options() in ccompiler,
> this calls msvccompiler->library_option()
> this calls msvccompiler->library_filename('python15'), which
> is implemented in the CCompiler superclass,
> and this returns 'python15.lib' EVEN IF debug is set. Bang!
I see, there is a second path in gen_lib_options() which uses 
library_option(). So we have now another candidate for a 
debug parameter. Good to know, I think, the problem will then
have to be fixed after the release of Distutils 1.0.