[Distutils] Summary of requested features

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu Apr 5 12:42:03 2001

Thanks for your input. Here's an updated summary:

Distutils 1.1 Feature Request List:

* Binary packages should include the Python version in their

* All distutils packages should include a package release number
  (like the RPM one) meaning that you can generate new package
  versions without having to bump the software version number;
  we could use a new setup() keyword "release" for this.

  Filename format suggestion: 

* Konrad's suggested fixes (allowing single directories in MANIFEST, etc.)

* Additional install_ subcommands: for DTDs and SGML catalogs, for TeX
  files. If you've had to write a custom install command for one of 
  your setup.py files, consider submitting it.

* extend the install_* commands so that they write uninstall

* implement an uninstall command using the information above

* write a test suite for distutils (tests are needed for refactoring)

* refactor the build_ext methods, so that they are easier to
  extend (maybe this will also unify the CCompiler classes)

* fix the *_clib commands


* implement test command: often requested (low priority ?!)

* docs, docs, docs (Thomas Heller will document the windows
  installer, Greg mentioned filling up some of the empty spaces in the
  existing documentation)

* Change default install location for Mac to site-packages
  (to match what site.py in 2.1 does)

* Change default install location on Windows to site-packages
  (see PEP XXX on this subject)

[more features to add here]

Please complete this list, so that we can add these to the distutils
TODO (or even better, since more visible, to a distutils feature
request PEP).

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