[Distutils] Installers for Numeric

Paul F. Dubois paul@pfdubois.com
Mon Apr 23 13:33:01 2001

Dear Nummies,

If you picked up the source installer for 20.0.0b2 in the first hour after I
released it, it will die when building "kinds". Since you probably don't
care, everything else will have been done by then. I have fixed both the
.tar.gz and .zip source distributions now.

This egregious error gives me the chance to say that I haven't the slightest
idea whether the rpm and source rpm work. I just made 'em with Distutils.
You rpm freaks out there will have to check it out and if it needs fixing,
fix it. But we get so many people asking for those and for the Windows
installers that I thought it worth a shot. Distutils burbled along
pleasantly while making them, anyway.

I did try the Windows installers and although they seem to work the
"uninstall" didn't work for me. I have no clue if that is because that
command isn't expected to work yet or not.

Well informed, aren't I? Can you do better? Please do.