[Distutils] Installers for Numeric

Thomas Heller thomas.heller@ion-tof.com
Mon Apr 23 14:14:00 2001

> Eeek. It does work for me. I just wasn't doing it right. Being a stupid Unix
> hacker I was trying to execute a file in Python 2.1 that said
> RemoveMA-8.6.exe. I should have realized that would not remove MA-8.6. (:->
It's not that easy on windows: The days where you would simply start a program
to do something are long gone ;-).

I assume you got a message-box, saying something like
'This program is normally run by windows', which seems not to
be very good. Probably it should say:
'To remove the MA-8.6 package, please use Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs'
or something like that.


> Indeed, if I do the normal Windows Add/Remove programs, no problem.
> I do suggest renaming the file,
> IWouldRemoveMA-8.6IfYouKnewHow.notexe