[Distutils] using distutils for an application

Tue Apr 24 11:18:09 2001


I have developped an application with Python and PyQt (klotski, see
http://klotski.berlios.de/klotski/) and was faced with the problem of

I was told to look at distutils but this wasn't the answer to my problems.

Distutils is very module centric. It is very efficient to install a module
but doesn't answer the needs of installing applications. 

The problems I had are:
- where to install the program data ?
- how to start the program ? Use a loader ? Tell people to run  python
klotski.py ?
- how to make the program visible to the underlying os (Menu, etc) ?
- how to load the data that have been installed (find their location at
runtime) ?

I solved all this using a shell script loader and a Makefile to install
everything under /usr/share for Unix. For windows, I just left everything in
the same directory.

I wonder if you have advices regarding this kind of problem and if they are
going to be adressed by distutils or if it is considered to be too much



ps: I am not subscribed, so please cc me any answer.