[Distutils] docs and samples

Pete Shinners shredwheat@mediaone.net
Tue Apr 24 13:12:56 2001

hello distutils.
i've got my sizeable package that distutils is now handling really
well. i've got some questions on how to best cleanup some loose ends.

first, the package comes with a good supply of documentation and
example code. this is really useful and i'd like to do my best
to guarantee anyone who installs also has these on hand. currently
these files are all in my MANIFEST template, so they are included
with the "sdist" archives. i haven't put them into my "install_data"
yet, because i'm not sure where i should put them. i've seen pyopengl
just puts all this into it's installed "site-packages" directory,
which hasn't bothered me really, but i don't know if all users will
be able to find it there.

has anyone figured out a standard way to do this, perhaps distutils
should also have a "install_docs" command which can put things in
the proper place? in my specific case the docs are in HTML, and the
sample code requires the use of many binary data files. i'm just not
sure what to do with these?