[Distutils] Swig for Windows

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore@atosorigin.com
Fri Aug 24 03:54:00 2001

From: Thomas Heller [mailto:thomas.heller@ion-tof.com]
> Distutils probably works with SWIG1.1, which has the 
> -dnone flag. It seems you can still download this one
> (maybe only the source distro).
> IIRC, you have to set a SWIG_LIB environment variable,
> but it should be somewhere in the docs.

Thanks to Thomas, and all who replied. I found sources for SWIG 1.1, and
built them from scratch. They work fine for me.

By the way, I made a minor modification to the sources so that rather than
looking in a hard-coded location, followed by the SWIG_LIB environment
variable, it looks for the libraries relative to the location of the
executable, and then in SWIG_LIB. This makes it easier to package up and
move around... I assume a similar thing could be done for the new version,
as well...