[Distutils] Optimization and Auto-Upload (Any volunteers for Distutils maintainer?)

Sean Reifschneider jafo@tummy.com
Wed Dec 12 03:04:01 2001

On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 10:21:55AM +0100, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
>If you haven't already done so, please upload the patch to SF.
>We'll look into all these new features after the Python 2.2
>feature freeze, then.

Ok.  I'll have to pick up a new copy and find out if it still patches
against it.

>BTW, I haven't followed your tools since IPC9 -- how is the
>development coming along ?

Well, I initially figured that having the ability for users to easily
get packages into the system was going to be necessary for people to start
using it.  I worked like crazy on getting it done before the 2.1 release,
but it didn't make it in to distutils for whatever reason...  I think only
one package was ever published to the repository server by an outside user.

While at Python 9, I had assigned one of our tummy.folks to work on making
a .deb packaging setup for Distutils, but he left a few days after we
returned from Python 9.  I'm really the only other one here that can do it,
and I haven't had time.

So, in all, it hasn't really gone anywhere.  I haven't really kept up on
it.  The system I showed at Python 9 was not a rigged demo -- it was fully
functional.  I think the biggest reason for it's failure was that I just
didn't market it very well.

I actually built 2 systems that were heavily based on the swalow stuff.
One was a software roll-out application, the other is a system for
maintaining RPM-based systems (downloading packages and associated
packages, upgrading to new versions of packages you have).  Both of these
were fairly successful, so I think the technology behind swalow is fairly
reasonable.  The RPM system gave me some opportunities to play around with
dependencies, and I think a simple system like RedHat has would work fine
for Python.

That's the story...

 > Sorry in advance for the idiocy... (Paul)
 You don't have to give us an advance - we know you're good for it. (Mike)
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