[Distutils] Optimization and Auto-Upload (Any volunteers for Distutils maintainer?)

Steven Knight knight@baldmt.com
Thu Dec 13 09:19:00 2001

> > While at Python 9, I had assigned one of our tummy.folks to work on making
> > a .deb packaging setup for Distutils, but he left a few days after we
> > returned from Python 9.  I'm really the only other one here that can do it,
> > and I haven't had time.
> bdist_deb would be a cool thing to have... btw, would it run on 
> RedHat or SuSE if I install the deb RPM packages there ?

Yes.  I'm building Debian packages on RedHat, using the debhelper
package.  (IIRC, I didn't find a ready-made debhelper RPM, although
I did find a .spec file.  I had to tweak the .spec a little to get
debhelper to build as an RPM for installation on my RH system.)