[Distutils] bdist_wininst and winxp?

Pete Shinners pete@shinners.org
Fri Dec 21 04:12:01 2001

i just had a user say the installer from distutils wininst crashed for 
him. he is using windows xp, which may or may not be a problem? the 
installer was also created for python2.2 using the latest rc1. his 
version of python was the activestate-2.2.

sounds like a lot of possibilities, but i'm hoping people can rule out 
which of these situations are known to work fine, and perhaps which 
situations are known to not work? or perhaps it was a freak crash or a 
funky windows install?

so far i've had 75 downloads of the installer and this is the only 
problem reported. i'm just trying to be sure if there is a problem or 
not out there?