[Distutils] bdist_wininst and winxp?

Thomas Heller thomas.heller@ion-tof.com
Fri Dec 21 07:24:16 2001

From: "Pete Shinners" <pete@shinners.org>
> i just had a user say the installer from distutils wininst crashed for 
> him. he is using windows xp, which may or may not be a problem? the 
> installer was also created for python2.2 using the latest rc1. his 
> version of python was the activestate-2.2.

There was a bug in bdist_wininst in Python 2.2, up to version 2.2rc1.
Fortunately this is fixed now, so Python 2.2 final (should be released
today) should work fine.
Note: This bug is not XP related. It results in a crash just before
the files are actually copied.

> sounds like a lot of possibilities, but i'm hoping people can rule out 
> which of these situations are known to work fine, and perhaps which 
> situations are known to not work? or perhaps it was a freak crash or a 
> funky windows install?
> so far i've had 75 downloads of the installer and this is the only 
> problem reported. i'm just trying to be sure if there is a problem or 
> not out there?

It seems only one actually tried to install this package, the bug
is still there. I would suggest you remove the pygame-1.3.win32-py2.2.exe
file, and rebuild it with Python 2.2 release version (if you can't wait,
you can replace distutils\command\bdist_wininst.py in 2.2rc1 with the CVS
version and rebuild).