[Distutils] bdist_rpm

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Sat Dec 29 07:03:00 2001

Suchandra Thapa wrote:
>     I've been playing around with the bdist_rpm command in distutils
> and noticed that if a non pure module does not include a MANIFEST file then
> bdist_rpm fails because it doesn't include .h files (also sdist generates
> an unusable tar ball for the same module).
>     Some of the comments in the distutils mention that without a manifest
> the sdist doesn't include the header files.  Was this a policy decision or
> was it just because no one implemented something to get the header
> files?

I guess this is by design:
How should distutils which .h files to magically include in the
MANIFEST ? The Extension() objects only have information about the
used .c files and the directories where the headers live.

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