[Distutils] SWIG+distutils+Windows???

Michel Van den Bergh michel.vandenbergh@luc.ac.be
Wed Jan 3 13:57:01 2001

"John J. Lee" wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Michel Van den Bergh wrote:
> [...]
> > Compiling seems to go fine but then I get a bunch of undefined symbols:
> [...]
> Do you have a libpython20.so?
> John

I am having problems on Windows (on Linux everything works without a
hitch). I do have python20.dll
as well as python20.lib (which is the import library I presume). The
strange thing is that the symbols that the linker is missing on Windows
are also the ones which are undefined in Linux (I checked with nm). So
this seems to be normal. Unfortunately under Windows the linker views it
as an error. This must have something to do with the peculiar nature of
the dll file format. 

I would really like to solve this problem. I tried to compile manually
but I always get the same error. Do you know anybody who is
knowledgeable in cygwin?