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Paul F. Dubois dubois@users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jan 5 00:32:01 2001

Explanation: we made these packages optional partly because they ought to be
optional but partly because one of them depends on LAPACK and many people
wish to configure the packages to use a different LAPACK than the limited
"lite" one supplied.

It would be correct in the spirit of SourceForge and Python packages to make
every single one of these optional packages a separate "project" or at least
a separate download. That would raise the overhead. Technically the manual
should be split up into pieces too.

I don't think all that trouble is worth undergoing in order to "solve" this
problem. So, you could just build separate rpms for each of the optional

They are NOT subpackages in the true sense of the word, except that a couple
of them install into Numeric's directory for backward compatibility. Numeric
is not a true package either. Again, people have argued (and I agree) that
purity of thought is trumped by backward compatibility and that we should
leave well enough alone.

You are welcome to add a script which runs the bdist functions on all the
optional packages, in much the same way setup_all.py works. You do need to
face the issue if making a bdist for the public of which LAPACK you use on
which platform.

I believe I was one of the earliest and hardest pushers for Distutils, so I
have no trouble agreeing with your goals.

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I'm somewhat surprised by the fact that some distributions (e.g. Numpy,
Zodb) have multiple setup.py programs. As far as I know, these
setup.py's do not share information so there is no way to do a
bdist_wininst or bdist_rpm that builds a single distribution for these
multiple sub-packages.

I see this as a fairly large problem! The bdist_ functions are an
important part of Distutils functionality.

 Paul Prescod

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