[Distutils] How are patches processed?

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Fri Jan 5 06:45:01 2001

> I have asked that question before on python-dev... Greg seems to
> be offline or way to busy (like many of us) to respond to questions.
> As for the repository: distutils is part of Python 2.0 CVS tree, so
> Python developers should be able to commit changes to the distutils
> tree too. I'd rather have Greg's OK for this first, though, since
> he owns the code.

This is indeed the problem I'm running against: Greg requested that changes go 
via him, but he's been away for ages now, which essentially stops distutils 
development dead.

I was hoping that Greg had appointed at least one other person to decide on 
patches in his absence. Maybe we should ask him to do this when he surfaces 
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